Tracking corporate and private assets in Hong Kong

Suzzess works closely with various local and international licensed companies to track the assets of Hong Kong businesses and individuals to assist in litigation, fraud and matrimonial matters. Information is collected from public databases, proprietary information databases, punitive investigations and special sources. The collected data is analyzed to determine real estate outcomes, and constructive conclusions are checked against official data, such as company shareholder data and land registry data.

Home buyers typically use Suzzess Hong Kong’s property tracking services to

  1. Assess the ownership status of a company or individual before taking any authorized action
  2. Track the assets of defendants for the purpose of enforcing judgments
  3. Determine whether assets have been dissipated to facilitate divorce or liquidation proceedings.

Conduct enhanced and routine due diligence in Hong Kong and throughout China.

Our skilled team provides confidential, reliable and impartial due diligence in Hong Kong, China and elsewhere,” he said. Know your partner” and “think before you invest” are good practices, but they are sometimes underestimated. We also conduct due diligence on companies considering investments, strategic partnerships and mergers and acquisitions. This is beneficial for companies looking to improve the organizational effectiveness of their existing divisions or portfolio companies.

Suzzess handles all types of due diligence, from FCPA compliance to investigations, for international companies, commissioners, partnerships and financiers in Hong Kong, China and other countries. We cover most countries in the Asia-Pacific region, conducting our own due diligence in Hong Kong, due diligence check China and Macau or through our partners.

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