baby boy clothes

All you must know about baby boy clothes

TheĀ baby boy clothes have taken over the fashion world. Kidswear is a thriving segment of the retail market, with demand increasing daily.

Little one’s clothing should be made of 100% cotton fabric that is soft and breathable, protecting newborns’ sensitive skin while providing them with maximum comfort.

Let us know the trends

  1. The Ease of Onesies

Onesies are more of a necessity than a trend, thanks to their ease of mobility for babies and easy access to diapers for parents. They are also known as bodysuits and are available at almost every babywear retailer. Depending on the season, they are also available in sleeveless, half-sleeves, and full-sleeves.

  1. Wear sleepsuits or rompers to hide it.

Sleepsuits/rompers are one-piece outfits for children covering both arms and legs. They are high utility-wear for both parents and children because it covers the child’s entire body, protecting them from inclement weather, pollution, and insects alike, while also allowing parents easy access to change diapers.

  1. Pre-matched clothing sets

Co-ordinated clothing sets are the new fashion fad of the market, with the growing trend of hassle-free stylish buying options for newborns and baby photoshoots. Clothing sets are typically accompanied by additional units such as hairbands and bow ties and are accessorized with frills and waistcoats. These clothing sets are suitable for both everyday use and special occasions.

  1. Use quotations to say it aloud.

Styles with quotes like “Mama’s Boy” & “Daddy’s Princess” are a major trendsetter among new-age parents, whether it’s rompers, onesies, T-shirts, or any babywear.

  1. Appliques make you feel cute.

Appliques are used in t-shirts and hoodies for a better-looking appearance to give newborns an added cuteness quotient. Some designs include hoodies with ears, while others have a 3D texture to add a sensory element to keep kids entertained.

Children grow up quickly, leaving parents with only memories.