Know about ghost kitchen and how it works

A ghost kitchen is an exclusive facility for preparing food for delivery. A ghost kitchen, also known as a virtual restaurant, virtual kitchen, or cloud kitchen, is a KitchenConnect food-service company that only accepts online orders.

Ghost kitchens provide entrepreneurs with the ability to innovate and introduce their restaurant brands at a lower cost and risk than opening a physical location. Ghost kitchens may be used to introduce a new restaurant brand or to extend the delivery range of an established restaurant brand.

Existing restaurants are establishing their virtual off-premise kitchens, often delivering food themselves to save money on third-party delivery services, while others are promoting third-party delivery to improve their exposure. To extend their distribution range, other restaurant brands rent kitchen space and labor from established brick-and-mortar restaurants.

Ghost kitchens will help restaurants that already have physical locations respond to changing patterns, build a new revenue source, and extend their distribution range. This blog post aims to assist established restaurants in establishing their ghost kitchens.

Customers can contact the ghost kitchen through the restaurant’s website or mobile app, or through a third-party delivery app, just like a physical location restaurant. They can browse the menu, place an order, and pay with a credit card or bank transfer.

When a customer places an order, the kitchen staff is informed, and the food preparation process begins. When the food is ready, it is delivered to the designated location by a delivery driver employed by the restaurant or third-party delivery service. Funds are issued to the company after the customer receives the order and the transaction is completed.