Satellite phone Singapore

How Expensive Is A Satellite Phone in Singapore?

A satellite phone is a type of mobile phone that can connect with other phones with the help of satellites in space. These phones are not limited to areas with cell towers. On the contrary, they can be used in most places on this planet. While banned or restricted in many places, many people use a satellite phone Singapore price.

Features of satellite phones

Satellite phones were created in the 1980s because people felt the need to create a phone that could make calls anywhere, including isolated places, such as forests or mountains. Satellite phones are mainly used when people work in remote areas for connecting with their loved ones.

Advantages of satellite phones

Satellite phones come with their fair share of advantages. Some of them are:

  • You can use them in isolated places, no matter how low the network is. This is especially beneficial for ship captains and other people who work at the sea.
  • They are reliable enough to withstand extreme conditions such as high or low temperatures or shocks.
  • They can allow you to send a message or data from wherever you are. You can also receive calls and send short texts.
  • This also does not depend on terrestrial antennas.

Price of a satellite phone

Satellite phones may be beneficial. However, those benefits come at a cost. The price of one satellite phone Singaporecan fall anywhere between 500 S$ to 2000 S$, or even more. The price depends on the quality and model of the phone.

While satellite phones are pricey, they are quite beneficial to people. The next time you want to go out on a cruise, make sure you have one to keep in touch with your families.