A guide to know about live blood cell analysis

Type of infection in your body can be identified through live blood analysis technique. In the method, a doctor used to take a sample of your blood and examine it with the help of high power phase contrast or dark field microscope. If they notice any changes in the constituents of your blood, then they identify which type of illness you have.

It is amazing and includes the use of expensive systems such as microscopes and many other costly medical equipment. However, in the right hands, Creative Health live blood monitoring has the potential to be profitable, as the patient often receives weekly analysis to see how the treatments are performing.

One of these alternative methodologies is live blood analysis, which has a smidgeon of credibility that has been exaggerated well beyond its relevance.

An examination of blood cells may reveal the existence or cause of a variety of diseases, ranging from vitamin deficiencies to infection to leukemia. Any initial examination of ill patients includes a CBC (complete blood count) with or without a differential (the types of cells seen).

Practitioners of live blood analysis take the seed of reality that the analysis of blood constituents can provide useful knowledge and plant it in a forest of fantasy and magic. It is an important thing to be aware of when you take care of your health.

To summarize, almost every diagnosis of live blood analysis is nonsense, and much of the suspected disease is either natural or a slide artifact. The claimed path physiology is also nonsense; they make it up. The combination of objects being diagnosed as pathology coupled with abstract pathophysiology that is entirely disconnected from reality is remarkable in live blood analysis.